Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get the Dirt on our VacuMaid Dads

NAME: Mike Joseph

HOMETOWN: Dixon, Illinois (Birthplace of Ronald Reagan.... whatever)


MY OCCUPATION: Customer Service/Order Entry

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT MY JOB: Variety of tasks that I am responsible for as well as interacting with dealers and the public.

1- My lovely wife who loves sports and puts up with me.
2- My wonderful adult children and their spouses and my 3 grandsons.
3- Chinoo and Wags (our dogs)
4- KU Sports
5- Gardening (somehow I can actually get things to grow in dirt)

MY LEAST FAVORITE THING: Child abuse and animal neglect... a little heavy, I know, but...

MY FAVORITE HOBBY: Collecting sports memorabilia

MY FAVORITE CAUSE: I don't have a specific cause. Just be polite and available when any situation arises to help. Sometimes opening a door or picking up something someone has dropped or helping with a flat tire means more than throwing money at a cause.

MY FAVORITE MOVIE: Field of Dreams

MY FAVORITE MUSIC: 60's- 70's classic rock

MY FAVORITE LINDSAY MANUFACTURING PRODUCT: Flexible Crevice Tool - CT100- so simple, yet so versatile. Sliced bread was already taken or this would have made the best of the best list.

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