Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Ever feel like you're cleaning in the 1500's? If this
is how you sweep your kitchen, maybe it's time to
step into the 21st Century...

We have a new and exciting lineup of tool kits available
with a price to fit any budget at

Monday, November 19, 2012

Simply Powerful, Simply Efficient, Simply Simple

Simple to install.  Simple to use.  Powerful enough for those
big cleaning jobs in your garage or workshop.  The Garage Vac
and Garage Vac Pro by VacuMaid are the perfect tool for those
who take pride in their vehicles and work spaces. 

The Garage Vac and Garage Vac Pro by VacuMaid will clean floor
to ceiling and everywhere in between.  A wide variety of cleaning
tools are included with each Garage Vac or Garage Vac Pro by
VacuMaid.  Along with a 30' or optional 50' crush-proof hose
you no longer are tethered to that old shop vac.  Your Garage Vac
by VacuMaid is conveniently attached to the wall and ready to use
when you need it and out of the way when you don't.

The Garage Vac and Garage Vac Pro by VacuMaid.  Isn't it time
you discovered the new, simple, easier way to clean?

Friday, November 16, 2012

For Dirt and Dust This Bag is a Must

When anyone mentions the word "dust", it can usually be associated with less than desirable conditions. These may come to mind: "Dusty Trail, Dust Bowl, Dust Storm, the little dusty kid on the Charlie Brown cartoons", although he is kind of cute. "Dust in the Wind" is a great song, but not when it comes to vacuums.

The last thing you want when you are cleaning is a cloud of dust surrounding the vacuum you are using. This is usually a direct result of poor filtration. If you have bad filtration, the dust has to go someplace, right? And that someplace is back into the area you are cleaning.

Our HPB2HPK HEPA bags can be changed in a matter of seconds. Simply remove the bag, close off the opening on the bag with the adhesive backed flap, toss in the trash, install a new bag, and your ready to resume cleaning with the most efficient and powerful vacuums on the market.
You can probably change it faster than the time it took to read that last paragraph.
With our smart 3 bag package, your VacuMaid central vacuum is always ready to clean.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Superior Quality at an Economical Price

Tired of hauling your central vacuum hose to the
garage?  Need an economical central vacuum tool
kit for an apartment or condo?

The GK30 Garage Kit has everything you need to
keep your garage, vehicles, or small apartments
clean.  And when you are done, it stores easily

You'll enjoy a 30' crush-proof hose, plastic ratchet
wand and all the attachments you need to clean from
floor to ceiling and everywhere in between.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cleaning Power At Your Fingertips

Take control of your central vacuum with the flip of a switch
with the SFH230B low voltage hose available from VacuMaid.

This 1 3/8" diameter hose is available in 30' and 35' lengths
 and gives you the convenience of turning your central vacuum
 on and off from the handle (pin jack inlets only).

The slim fit swivel handle allows you to clean quickly and
efficiently.  The button lock stub tube keeps your hose and
wands locked in while you clean.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PB480BLK Turbocat- This Cat Will Clean

Put the great suction power of your central vacuum to work
with the PB480BLK Air Turbine Power Brush.  At a fraction
of the cost of an electric power nozzle, the PB480BLK is
compatible with low or high pile carpeting.  The low profile
design makes it easy to reach under furniture and places an electric
power nozzle can't go.


 Item#: PB-480BLK Air Turbine Power Brush - Black

The Turbocat is air turbine-driven power brush that has an agitator that shakes the carpet to loosen dirt. This powerbrush is excellent on both high and low pile carpeting. The low profile allows for easy maneuverability around and under furnishings.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Central Vacuum Motor Stands the Test of Time

A great vacuum deserves a great motor.  VacuMaid's most popular central vacuum units used the MB115334 motor for decades.  From the P125 to the dual motor P325, the MB115334 motor has been a workhorse in VacuMaid central vacuums across the country. 

Although this motor is no longer used in our current central vacuum lineup, the MB115334 continues to be a staple with customers who would rather replace their motor rather that purchase a new system. 

We have had customers tell us that this motor has lasted nearly 40 years with proper maintenance.  Try getting that type of performance out of nearly any appliance you have in your home.

See the specs below for more information on the MB115334 motor.

115334 Basic Model Data
Volts: 120Discharge: Tangential
Fan Stages: 2Fan Diameter: 7.2 Inches
Type: BypassBearings: Double Ball
115334 General Motor Performance
Rating Watts: 1400 Air Watts: 384
Sealed Vacuum: 110.0 Inches  Max Airflow: 102.7 CFM
115334 Motor Performance at Operating Orifice 3/4"
Vacuum: 57.7 Inches  Airflow: 56.9 CFM
Input Watts: 1332Input Amps: 12
Air Watts: 384Motor Speed: 17,400 RPM
 Item#: MB 115334 120 Volt 7.2" Tangential ByPass

Used in the following central vacuum models:
before February 1999
P325 / MKIII

H1 / MKI before January 1994.

Also used by other manufacturers including: AirVac, Beam, Eureka, Hayden, MD, Nutone, Power Star, and Walvac